September 13, 2014

I always keep telling to myself, perhaps i will not 'pencen' as a govt officer. insyaAllah.

yah, why not? its good to have ' duit pencen' when u turn old.
it such a security for hari tua. U need not to go to work anymore, yet money still come in as a token of appreciation  for working sooo long in d govt sector.

No. this is not about money.
money is not everything rite.
Anyhow- its only a wish.
if thats the only choice that i have at that 'material' time - insyaAllah i'll just go with the flow.

it just- we always have a choice.kan.
yes we do have.

as time goes by, i keep thinking of how will be our future.
i wish that we both can meet our grandchildren.hahaha.
yah...i want to be  a nanny one day eventho rite now i am like one already...hahah..

lets appreciate what we have now dear.


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